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Closed sign for Hay on Wye Castle in Wales
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Traditional Signwriting on Shop Front in Gloucester
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Bedchamber of Edward 1st in the Tower of London
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Gilded Shutters, Bedchamber of Edward 1st in the Tower of London
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Chimney Breast Detail Bedchamber of Edward 1st in the Tower of London
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Oratory Entrance, Bedchamber of Edward 1st in the Tower of London
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Bespoke sign for a bed and breakfast in Hay on Wye
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Hand painted bespoke kitchen units.
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Oak wood graining at National Trust Charlecote Park, Warwickshire
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Gilding on shutters from the Tower of London
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The Dining Room at Penhow Castle
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Signwriting in Welsh and English in Newbridge
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A welcoming mural on a Hampshire door
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Distempered walls in a Gloucestershire church
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Exterior mural on the Kymin Naval Temple in Monmouthshire
Image of caption_15
Door stencil matching at Holy Innocents Church in Highnam, Gloucestershire
Image of caption_16
Hand painted bespoke kitchen units.
Image of caption_17
Marbled door fronts on bespoke office furniture
Image of caption_19
Fantasy walnut woodgraining, the dining room, Penhow Castle
Image of caption_20
Exterior mural on the Kymin Naval Temple in Monmouthshire, depicting the Battle of the Nile
Image of caption_21
Gilded and stencilled ceiling in St Peter's Catholic Church Gloucester
Image of caption_22
Traditional sign writing in Hay on Wye
Image of caption_23
Trompe l'Oeil Images
Image of caption_24
Broken colour techniques - spongeing
Image of caption_25
Trompe l'Oeil table top
Image of caption_26
Tompe l'Oeil library steps
Image of caption_27
Tigers mural in the children's room in Clearwell Castle
Image of caption_28
Mural of the Sirens in a Cyprus water park
Image of caption_29
Soft distempered Georgian ceiling
Image of caption_30
Woodgrained screen in the Hall of the Vicars Choral, Hereford Cathedral
Image of caption_31
Marbled, gilded columns and pilasters at Clearwell Castle
Image of caption_32
The marbled, gilded columns and pilasters of Clearwell Castle
Image of caption_33
Yellow dragged kitchen cabinets
Image of caption_34
Mural for Private Clients in the New Forest, Designed by Jolanda Chandler, Painted by Laura Stevens
Image of caption_35
Restored Victorian Cornice
Image of caption_38
National Trust Charlecote Park grained woodwork
Image of caption_39
Lady Chapel All Saints Newland
Image of caption_41
King Edwards or Probyn Chapel. All Saints Newland
Image of caption_42
Gwent Health outreach
Image of caption_44
St.Peters Clearwell Stencilled ceiling repairs
Image of caption_45
Dunhill painting on glass
Image of caption_46
Canal Boat bar for Brains
Image of caption_49
Brook Street Pottery Hay on Wye
Image of caption_50
Banqueting Room National Trust Wales The Kymin, Monmouthshire
Image of caption_52
Aveling Porter patching engine
Image of caption_53
Traditional signwriting
Image of caption_54
Fantasy walnut woodgraining, the dining room, Penhow Castle
Image of caption_55
Traditional sign writing in Newport
Image of caption_56
Contemporary narrow boat decoration
Image of caption_57
Mineral paints, masonry and lime plaster repairs - church lobby
Image of caption_58
Traditional limewash finish in a 17thcentury merchant's house.
Image of caption_59
Armorial painting for private client.
Image of caption_60
Extensive use of stencilling techniques on chancel arch & ceiling
Image of caption_61
WakefieldTower Chapel Screen
Image of caption_62
Throne Dais Wakefield Tower
Image of caption_65
The Swan Bampton Devon
Image of caption_67
The Kymin Naval Temple
Image of caption_68
The Bowie Gallery Hay on Wye
Image of caption_70
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